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Mission Statement

The mission of Khmer Artisan Project is to train and educate Cambodia Artisans in modern and efficient techniques in pottery manufacturing; entrepreneurship and marketing; and microfinance management. These skills will give the opportunity for increased sustainable incomes for the Artisans of Cambodia.


Develop a sustainable livelihood for artisans by focusing on women artisans who often financially support the family unit.

Develop a training program and provide facilities to teach technologically efficient pottery design and production methods with the goal of producing marketable art efficiently.

Conduct research to overcome the technical manufacturing difficulties to advance the pottery arts industry in Southeast Asia.

Provide micro-enterprise management training to help artisans market their pottery to ensure the fair trade of their goods.

Increase the marketability of Khmer handmade pottery by organizing art exhibits and special events to raise the awareness and appreciation of the arts and culture of Southeast Asia.

Preserve the heritage of the Khmer culture through its handmade pottery

In order to reach our goals we will:

Build and develop facilities to serve both as a training center for the artisan-students and a community workshop.

Develop a training program to teach technologically efficient pottery design and production methods to the artisan-students through on-the-job training. Develop a training program to teach the artisan-students marketing skills, including but not limited to, how to set prices and identify appropriate markets to ensure that they get a fair price for their work.